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The Platform

With Sequi, you can instantly connect with your fans by publishing their Instagram and Twitter posts live to any screen.

Sequi has been developed based on years of live event experience, building an understanding of how to connect with audiences.

In Latin Sequi means ‘to follow’ and it has been designed from the ground up to get fans and customers to follow and connect with brands. Sequi is an event based marketing solution for brands to engage with their fans in real-time via social media. Using direct connections with social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, brands are able to highlight moments and connect with audiences live on any display screen. The platform has been built for performance, specifically designed for high-pressure live event environments.

Whether it is a sports stadium full of passionate fans, at a convention centre for a new product launch or in the fields at a music festival, Sequi is a dependable platform that helps you maximise the power of social media interaction.

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How Does It Work?

With a simple, user friendly dashboard, brands are able to create dedicated boards to stream content from multiple hashtags.

Setting up an event is easy, just select the board to use for your social post display, identify the hashtags you want to see in your moderation stream and select the posts to publish live. Secure admin access is available from any internet enabled device, which means you can manage the stream from your computer, tablet or phone.

Using the moderation tool, the stream can be easily managed and adjusted so that live content displayed matches each event and every moment. Quickly view all posts in your moderation stream, select posts you want to see in the live feed or unselect to have them instantly removed.

The live display is fully customisable including layout, colours and logo, ensuring it aligns with your event creative or brand guidelines. Create multiple layout styles, such as boards with single posts and a separate board with multiple posts, to keep content fresh and engaging for your viewers.

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Instant Engagement

There is nothing people love more than to see their interaction with a brand or company up on the big screen.

The beauty of social media is that it gives people the ability to talk directly to their favourite things. Whether it is their favourite sports club, fashion label, musician or athlete, we all love to be acknowledged by someone we would not normally have access to.

Sequi provides fans with the opportunity to connect and be recognised on a level that was once unattainable. It also provides brands with a two-way communication channel, enabling them to talk more often and more easily to their fans.

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Sequi Live

Sequi is already used by some of the biggest brands and sports in Australia.

Used in live sports events such as AFL, Cricket Australia’s Big Bash League and local football leagues including the SANFL. Sequi is also a trusted partner of leading event organisers delivering events such as Stadium Stomp and blue chip brand product launches. Sequi has already been a successful platform literally connecting hundreds of thousands of fans with brands.

Using Sequi and showing fan posts to the whole audience has a huge impact on the volume of social posts at a live event. It also helps to reinforce event specific hashtags and can be used to run and promote socially based competitions.

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Get Started

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