With a simple, user friendly dashboard, brands are able to create dedicated boards to stream content from multiple hashtags.

Setting up an event is easy, just select the board to use for your social post display, identify the hashtags you want to see in your moderation stream and select the posts to publish live. Secure admin access is available from any internet enabled device, which means you can manage the stream from your computer, tablet or phone.

Using the moderation tool, the stream can be easily managed and adjusted so that live content displayed matches each event and every moment. Quickly view all posts in your moderation stream, select posts you want to see in the live feed or unselect to have them instantly removed.

The live display is fully customisable including layout, colours and logo, ensuring it aligns with your event creative or brand guidelines. Create multiple layout styles, such as boards with single posts and a separate board with multiple posts, to keep content fresh and engaging for your viewers.